TRS is New Zealand's largest distributor of agricultural tyres and wheels.

72DPI were brought in to redesign the pre-existing website but more importantly we were tasked with improving the functionality and ease of use of the site. Only 10% of orders were being completed online and the client knew that slow performance and flawed navigation were impacting on sales.

We worked closely with the company to write a detailed functional spec as part of the planning phase, this document outlined in detail all of the functional requirements of the new website. This was closely followed with a wireframe prototype that was discussed, updated and improved before we moved into the higher fidelity design phase of the project.

The site launched recently and our client is already seeing a marked improvement in customer satisfaction with more orders being processed. The new website is fast, much easier to use and delivers on all of the extra functionality they hoped for.

This project is a great case study of a project that was very custom and required a high level of collaboration with the client. Listening to their frustrations with the old website and understanding the features that would make their life easier and delight their customers was key to the success here.