Web Hosting

Web Hosting Service Terms

These specific service terms must be read in conjunction with 72DPI's General Terms and Conditions (including all amended and replacement terms) (General Terms), a copy of which is published on 72DPI's website www.72dpi.co.nz.



For the purposes of these specific service terms:

  1. Business Hours means 8.30 am to 5.30 pm Monday to Friday except statutory public holidays in Auckland, New Zealand.
  2. Downtime means those periods when a Service is unavailable to the Customer, but excludes periods of down time arising from the events listed in subclause 4(a) to 4(d).
  3. Support means all labour provided by 72DPI other than labour that is not related to 72DPI's network or hardware, such as labour provided in relation to the Customer's operating system or software.
  4. Uptime means the total time the applicable Service will be available to the Customer, but excludes Downtime due to:
    1. a)    Scheduled maintenance and upgrades;
    2. b)   Faults, errors, or damage to the Customer's operating system or software which is not 72DPI's fault;
    3. c)    Packet loss or outages beyond 72DPI's control, including interruptions to the internet, power or telephone lines; and
    4. d)   A breach by, or the actions or omissions of, the Customer or its employees, agents contractors, customers, clients or any other person for whom the Customer is responsible, of the these specific service terms or the General Terms.


Terms used, but not defined, in these specific service terms, have the meaning given to them in the General Terms.


  1. Service description: A shared server environment where customers can upload files via FTP for the purpose of publishing a web site. Web Hosting includes a control panel to manage web site files, related services such as databases and email accounts.
  2. Charges: 72DPI charges an annual fee for this service at the applicable rate specified or published by 72DPI.
  3. Support:
    1. Support services are provided by telephone or email during Business Hours.
    2. After hours services are also available, provided that fees and charges will be payable by the Customer if 72DPI is not at fault.
    3. Support for the Customer's web site application such as web design, development and code changes are not included in the service.
  4. Service level:
    1. Uptime for the web hosting service will be 99.9% for each calendar month.
    2. Service credits will be issued to the Customer at an amount equal to 5% of the monthly fee for the month in which the Downtime of the web hosting service occurred for every hour of Downtime up to a maximum of 30%, provided that credits will not be issued for the first hour of Downtime.
    3. In order to receive any service credits, the Customer must notify 72DPI of their claim within 20 Business Days from the time the applicable event occurred. Failure to comply with this requirement will forfeit the Customer's right to receive a service credit. Service credits will not be issued to the Customer if any amount it owes to 72DPI is overdue.
    4. Downtime is measured and determined by 72DPI from the time 72DPI's technician verifies the problem until the applicable Service is restored.