72DPI Rebrand Signage


We have been busy rebranding 72DPI over the past few months. The new logo with the handlettered font is more customised and personal which better reflects the nature of the service we provide our clients. We have kept the same brand colours but introduced a mosaic pattern to add more visual interest and a dynamic edge to our graphics.

One of the catalysts for starting the rebrand was the faded signage on the exterior of the building which was giving off a derelict, neglected vibe which isn't good! 

The old, faded signage

Needless to say we sought a new company to handle our new signage and went with Field Signs. Chris gave great advice and worked with us to ensure the end result was going to be awesome. We're very pleased with the results and there has been plenty of positive feedback which is good.

New 72DPI Signage

72DPI Logo detail

72DPI Digital Design Studio